Citation Guide

Authors' Names

AMA In-Text Citations

 AMA in-text citations consist of superscript Arabic numerals to number each of the sources in your text. The sources are numbered consecutively, and these in turnrefer to the sources listed on the "References" page at the end of your paper.

AMA does not require that you use author names in the text, but you may use author names as long as they are followed by the numbered citations. Use last names only.  For items with one or two authors, include both names. For items with 3 or more authors, include the first author's last name and then et al.                                                                                                                 

Dow and Jones2 reported on the medical error scandal. 

Smith et al3 recommended the newest biologic.

AMA References Page

Last name first and then abbreviate first and middle names to just the first initial. There are no spaces, commas, or periods in between the last, first and middle names. End with a period. 

What if there is more than one author?

Two to Six Authors: Place a comma between authors.

Bartha AB, Severson TS.

More Than Six Authors: List the first three authors followed by et al.

LaPlante KA, Chapman JM, Kamps, A, et al.

What if there are just editors?

Place a comma after the editors' names and add eds. End with a period.

Parish CC, Huss AN, eds.