Citation Guide

Tweets and Twitter Threads: MLA Format

The MLA Style Center has a comprehensive entry on citing tweets.

General rules:

  • For the author, use the Twitter handles of the original tweet’s author and of any participants in the thread. Include real names, if known, in parentheses. @chrissyteigen (Christine Teigen).
  • For a tweet under 140 characters, use the full text of the tweet as the title. 
  • Shorten tweets longer than 140 characters by using an ellipsis ... at the end: "if you were to go vegan, what would you miss the most?..."

Example for a Tweet:

  • @TheRock (Dwayne Johnson). "Here’s a peek at my new Iron Paradise I built out here in the country on my Virginia farm..." Twitter, 20 July 2019,

Example for a Twitter thread:

  • @chrissyteigen (Christine Teigen) et al. "Is twitter different or did I accidentally click on old lady mode?" Twitter, 18 July 2019,