Introduction to the NWTC Marinette Library


NWTC students are now able to utilize the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus library, and vice-versa!

In an effort to align our resources and bring more educational opportunities to the area, we have created a charter to provide more access for students.


How do I check out books and other materials? 

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus students will be entered into the NWTC library database with their college ID preceded by the letters UW. For example: UW12345678. Students must complete this step in person. Visit the District Guests webpage for loan periods. 

NWTC Marinette students will be entered into the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus library database with their college ID preceded by the letters NWTC. For example: NWTC12345678. Students must complete this step in person. Visit the Fine & Lending webpage for loan periods. 


How do I access a computer? 

Visitors to the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus will need to be logged into a computer by a staff member. Please see the library hours above.

Visitors to NWTC Marinette can be logged into a computer whenever campus staff is available, Monday-Thursday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. If students wish to access computers after staff hours, or get their own login credentials, they must purchase a $2 community card. These cards also provide $2 worth of printing and expire after 3 months (as do any unused funds). Cards can be purchased in the Welcome Center during staff hours.

Off-campus database access will not be provided for visitors to either campus. 


How do I print and how much does it cost? 


Visitors to the NWTC library will need to purchase a $2 community card which provides $2 worth of printing. Cards can be purchased at the Welcome Center Monday-Thursday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Cards expire after 3 months and any unused funds will also expire. Additional money can be added to the card in the Welcome Center. Visit the printing webpage to see print prices. 

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus students will use their pre-loaded ID card to print on their campus.  **Community members are no longer able to print at the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus library**


How do I request books from another campus or library? 


Interlibrary loans (ILL) must be placed through the student's home campus library. 


Where do I return my books? 

Books and other materials may be returned to either the NWTC Marinette or UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus. Materials will be backdated to the return date and shuttled between campuses once a week. 



Who can I contact for more information? 

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus. 715-735-4306,

NWTC Marinette, 715-732-3647 or 920-498-5493,

      Ask us! Visit Us During Library Hours or Contact Us In many ways!