Current, Controversial Topics: A Research Guide

The Most Common Ways to Limit Your Results

So, let's do a search for resources on the topic of ADHD treatment.

search results for adhd treatment

But a results list of 20,284 is too big to go through; what do I do?  Don't fear, just use the limiter and filter options in the column on the left side of the screen to help narrow down your results!

The most common ways to narrow your results are:

  • Limit to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.
  • Change the date range to only show items published within the most recent 5-10 years.  If you limit the search shown above to sources published 2013-2018, the results dip to 6,900 items.
  • Filter by resource type (books, newspapers, academic journals, magazines, etc.).  If you select News, your results narrow down to 1,373 newspaper articles. 

  limit to scholarly journals and by publication date and filter by resource type

Scroll down to the next box to learn about additional ways to limit your results.


Additional Limiters and Filters

To view physical items available at a specific NWTC library location, use Filter by Library Locationfilter by library location option

filter by subject option Filter by Subject allows you to narrow by subject term(s).

Want to read articles from a specific journal?  Use Filter by Publication Filter by publication option

Filter by Database optionFilter by Database option lets you focus on articles from specific databases (collection of resources).