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When you choose the Search Everything option, your search results can include full-text articles, books, e-books, DVDs, online videos, and more.

See Advanced Search/Other Tools for information on extra search options. 

Basic Search

You can start by typing in one word (for example, adhd) or do a more complex search of a phrase or question (such as "ethics in human resource management" or "what are the effects of divorce on teens".

When you are finished with a search, you can start another one by clicking the Start New Search link at the top of the screen.

The Most Common Ways to Limit Your Results

limit to scholarly journals and by publication date and filter by resource type

Let's say that you do a search on ADHD treatment and get 22,886 results.  

Don't worry, you can use the limiter and filter options on the left side of the screen to help narrow down your results!

The most common ways to narrow your results are:

  • Limit to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.


  • Change the date range to only show items published within the most recent 5-10 years.  If you limit the search shown above to sources published 2014-2019, the results dip to 8,200 items.


  • Filter by resource type (books, newspapers, academic journals, magazines, etc.).  If you select News, your results narrow down to 380 newspaper articles. 



Additional Limiters and Filters

To view physical items available at a specific NWTC library location, use Filter by Library Location.

Filter by database or publication to select items from a specific resource or journal.

Filter by subject to narrow your results to specific concepts.

filter by library location option filter by subject option Filter by publication option Filter by Database option

Limiting to Online Resources

Clear all limiters by clicking the x's and click in the box next to Limit to full TextDo you want to only see sources that you can read or view online?

  • Full-text articles
  • E-books
  • Online videos

You  can limit to online resources in the Refine Results column on the left side of the screen.

In the Current Search box, make sure that there are no Limiters listed. To clear any Limiter, click the corresponding x.  


In the Limit To box, click in the box next to Limit to Full Text.