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Accessing and Searching Films on Demand

 Access Films on Demand to search for video titles or video segments.  

Click on the video's picture to open and view it.  On the right side, you will see any segments, transcripts, or related videos.  You can link to entire videos or choose specific segments.

To organize your videos into playlists and favorites folders, follow the instructions in our guide: Faculty Instructions for Films on Demand.

Linking to a Video to Blackboard Learn

Click on Embed/Link under the video to see the LTI Link, Record URL, and Segment URL.

The LTI Link is the best option for linking Blackboard!  Students can click on it and go right to the video without any login needed.  When adding in Blackboard, just choose Build Content>Web Link.  Enter a name for the link and the paste in the LTI Link url from Films on Demand.  Check the box for This link is a Tool Provider. Then indicate if you want evaluation options added.  Click Submit.


Record or Segment URLs  allow you to link to videos anywhere (email, PowerPoint, Word, etc.).  They still work in Blackboard, too, but require students to login from off-campus. 

To link to segments, first click on the Segments menu at the top right and click on the desired segment. Then click on Embed/Link to copy the Segment URL. In Blackboard Learn, just paste the URL as a new link. Make sure to change the drop-down menu to the option Open in a New Window.

record, segment and LTI links

Embedding a Video in Blackboard Learn

If you want the video to show right inside the Blackboard screen, you can embed it using the code provided.  This is useful for adding a video to an assignment.

Click on Embed/Link below the video/segment and copy the Embed Code that appears. 

When adding in Blackboard Learn, choose Build Content>Item.  Enter a name, then click the HTML tool icon (you may need to click the double downward arrows on the right to show more tools first).  Paste in the Embed Code from Films on Demand. 

If you want students to see the video without logging in, just delete the part of the code that says “”.  Submit. Test to see that you can see the video.

Embed link screenshot