Blackboard Learn: Linking to Library Resources

Linking to Safari Content

It is very easy to link to resources from Safari.  For details on how to search, browse, and create playlists, visit our Safari guide.

Once you find the ebook, online video, case study, or online tutorial, you can simply copy the url from the browser window and add it to Blackboard as a new item.  You do not need to add a proxy prefix to the link since Safari uses NWTC's single sign-on solution.

Example Book URL:

Example Video URL: 

Example Case Study URL: 

Example Tutorial URL:

Creating Playlists

Playlists allow you to organize and share Safari content (book, book chapter, video, video clip).

Click the Playlists icon next to the content title.

For example, you could add the full 11-hour video (NCLEX-RN Review Complete Video Course) or a 38-minute part of lesson 1 (Testing Strategies for Success - How to Pass the NCLEX) to a Playlist by clicking on the Playlist icon. 

Then a box will pop up with options of where to save the video clip. If you have existing named Playlists, those are listed first. Otherwise, click Add to a new playlist.

Sharing a Playlist

You can share a playlist with other NWTC students and employees. Click on the Playlists icon in the left-hand navigation column. 

Then click on the three dots at the bottom of the Playlist. Select Share Settings, toggle it to Shared and copy the URL to share it with your colleagues.  

  Safari Playlists Share Settings Safari Shared playlist url