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Blackboard Integration with LinkedIn Learning

Want to link to LinkedIn Learning content in Blackboard?  Don't use the url from your browser!  There are a few steps involved to provide activated links to courses and videos.

Sharing Entire Courses

You can either use the new Library Search option under Build Content to search for any Library resource (instructions) or you can use the specific building block for LinkedIn Learning under Partner Content.

  1. Navigate to the area of your Blackboard course where you would like to add the content.  Select the Partner Content option and click on Content Market.Screen shot of content market link
  2. The Content Market page will launch, allowing you to pick LinkedIn Learning (you may need to select Browse all content providers at the bottom to see it).LinkedIn Learning icon
  3. You may be asked to login the first time.
  4. Then you can select the course you want to insert from the LinkedIn Learning catalog.
  5. Once you have checked the boxes in front of any videos you want to add there, just click Submit at the bottom of the screen and Submit again.


LinkedIn Learning Catalog


Inserted video courses will show the title, description, duration, release date, and thumbnail picture.

Student view of LinkedIn Learning video


Sharing Shorter Videos (not the full course)

Use the instructions below to get urls for videos that can be added into Blackboard.  The best option is to ask Kim LaPlante to give you Admin access so you can copy Single Sign On urls from LinkedIn Learning's Admin site.


If you want to share a video through a url, there are some options.  Don't just take the url that shows in your browser window since it will not work.  If you don't want students to have to login to access the video, use the SSO option.


Modify the Browser URL


  • Students and employees can create collections of videos to share via email or through Blackboard.  Collections can be one or multiple videos. 
  • Follow these instructions for creating and sharing collections.  Students will need to login to LinkedIn Learning to access the video.

Library Catalog URLs

  • You can search for LinkedIn Learning courses in the Library's Catalog.  
  • Right click on the link to "Click to watch this video online" and copy the url (it will be the same as the modified browser url mentioned above).
  • You can share this link with students and employees.  They will need to login to access the video.

SSO Links (Single Sign On Links) - Best method with no login needed for students.

  • Employees with admin rights can search for content in the Admin part of LinkedIn Learning and use the Recommend function (right arrow) to get a SSO URL to share with NWTC students or employees.
  • Please contact Kim LaPlante to get the appropriate admin rights for making these links.  If your whole team needs access, just provide the names to her.
  • After you have Admin permissions, click the Go to Admin link on the right side of LinkedIn Learning, then use the search box at the top of the screen to find videos you want to share.  

Go to Admin icon 

  • Use the right arrow next to the video (or in the upper right corner of the video player) to get the SSO link that you will put in Blackboard or email to share with students.  Students will not need to login to access.

get SSO link


Learning Paths

  • Employees with admin rights can create Learning Paths (sequential playlists of content from LinkedIn Learning and other sites with public urls).
  • If you would like to create Learning Paths for your students, please contact Kim LaPlante to get the appropriate admin rights.


Learn more about Creating a Learning Path or Collection as an Admin.

Watch the course on how to Teach Using LinkedIn Learning (especially the section on Creating Learning Paths).

List of Videos for Employability Skills

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