Citation Guide

Page on a Website with an Individual Author: MLA Format

Author. "Title of Specific Page." Title of Website, Publisher, date of publication, url.

Sheldon, Kathryn. “Brief History of Black Women in the Military.” The Women’s Memorial, Women’s Memorial Foundation, 2017,

Torpey, Elka. “Earning Green by Working Green: Wages and Outlook in Careers Protecting the Planet.” Career Outlook, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019,

Page on a Government or Organization Website with No Individual Author: MLA Format

According to the MLA Handbook (2.1.3 Corporate Authors), when an organization such as a government agency is both the author and the publisher, start your citation with the work's title and list the organization/agency as the publisher.

So let's say I want to cite this Centers for Disease Control (CDC) resource: 

  • “Diabetes Basics.” Diabetes Home, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 May 2019,

In-text citation:

  • According to “Diabetes Basics”, “this is a citation” OR “This is a citation” (“Diabetes Basics”).

Entire Website: MLA Format

Title of Web Site. Publisher, Publication date, URL [remove the http://].

American Nurses Association. American Nurses Association, 2016,

In-text citation:

According to the American Nurses Association, "this is a citation".


"This is a citation" (American Nurses Association).


MLA does NOT require that you include a date of access; however, if your instructor asks you to include an access date, place the access date at the end of the entry:

  • "Captain Marvel (2019)". IMDb, IMDb, 2019, Accessed 10 Feb. 2019.