Current, Controversial Topics: A Research Guide

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Be Careful. Evaluate!

There are thousands of websites on controversial issues, and many of these sites contain good information.

Many of the sites, however, are maintained by people or organizations which are partisan or biased, meaning they support one side of the issue.

Sometimes it is easy to figure out which side of the issue is being supported:  vs Abolish the Death Penalty.

In other cases it is not so obvious.

For example, is the organization Death Penalty Information Center for or against the death penalty, or perhaps non-partisan and providing information on both sides of the issue?

Use these Important Questions to Ask section for each web resource you are thinking about using as a source for your paper or speech.

Who Do You Trust?

Trusting Websites 

When researching, you need to decide which websites are giving accurate, unbiased information.

To help you evaluate websites, the library has created an Evaluating Resources Guide.