Current, Controversial Topics: A Research Guide

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Need to find a Wisconsin source?

Can't find a substantial article on your topic in the GB Press Gazette? Try Library Search, a tool that allows you to search a majority of the library's physical and electronic resources using one simple search box. Just add the word Wisconsin to the search, like this:

  • "car seat" safety Wisconsin
  • hunting laws Wisconsin
  • immigration Wisconsin

Still can't find a source you like?  Try a customized Google search.  Did you know that you can limit your results to resources on university or government websites? Just add or to your search!

  • "car seat" safety Wisconsin
  • hunting laws Wisconsin

Need to find statistics?

Looking for statistics?  Use Google and limit your results to educational institutions (college, university) and government sources by adding or to your search

                “war on drugs” statistics

                drug legalization statistics

                decriminalization cost statistics

Couldn't find anything in SIRS or Opposing Viewpoints?

Have you picked a topic that isn't covered well (or at all) in SIRS or Opposing Viewpoints?  No need to panic!

You have more options, including: