Searching CINAHL - Finding Health Articles

What is CINAHL?

CINAHL is the world’s largest source of full-text resources for nursing and allied health. It includes full-text articles from scholarly journals, as well as full-text health care books and evidence-based care sheets. 

If you are off-campus, you will first need to log in with your student or employee ID number and computer password.

CINAHL Quicksearch Box

Limit Your Results

Basic Search

Search CINAHL by typing in words or phrases.  Use the many options in the Limit Your results section to create a focused search. See step 2 below for the four most-commonly-used limiting options.

  1. Type a word or phrase in the search box provided.
  2. Consider using one or more of the optional search limits:
    • Check Full Text if you only want to retrieve complete articles. 
    • Check Peer Reviewed if you want only want articles published in scholarly/peer-reviewed journals.
    • Limit by Date Range. Many instructors prefer you use articles published within the past five years.
    • Use the Journal Subset field to limit the search to Nursing journals.
  3. Click on the Search button when finished. A list of articles will display.

Introduction to CINAHL Health Articles (video)

Limiting Your Results Options in CINAHL (video)