Learn to Research in 5 Easy Steps

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NEW Research Skills Tutorial!

Research Skills Tutorial

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Faculty Guide for Research Skills Modules

Instructors: Check out the Faculty Guide for Research Skills Modules, especially the section on Blackboard Integration:

By integrating the Research Skills Modules into Blackboard Learn, faculty can embed selected videos and tutorials throughout their course materials and add quizzes and tests which connect to their grade book.

Students also do not need to login to the Modules if they are embedded into Blackboard Learn using the special links below and checking the Tool Provider box.

What's in this Guide

This Learn to Research Guide consists of five modules (one for each of the easy steps!). Each one takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. All of the modules include:

  • A list of key concepts and skills you should learn
  • Main text and video tutorials

To get started, watch the What is Research video and then click on the Step 1: Start Smart tab on the left.

Main Points to Remember

Main Points to Remember:

  • Research is combining what you know and think with what others have to say and then filtering all that information into an answer to your question.
  • Research is a journey to find people, or sources, who have information that can answer your questions.
  • Sources help you shape what you think.
  • Sources have an agenda.
  • Consult multiple sources.
  • A research paper is a map of all the sources you consulted to develop an answer to your question.

What is Research?

Mr. Beck's World. "What is Research?".  YouTube. 20 Oct. 2013. Web. 6 May 2016.  http://youtu.be/rqR4XC6_wKQ  Closed Captioned version.


Some content was used with permission from Green River Community College Library and Johnson & Wales University Library  Many thanks for sharing!

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