Using the NWTC Library

Program Guides

Visit the Library Guides home page to see all of the guides available to your students (including your program's custom guide).

You can link to any of these guides or contact us and we will be happy to send you a friendly-url.

Librarians Can Help!

The NWTC Library staff are happy to help you find OER materials for your courses.

Please send an email to Julie Chapman or call her at 920-498-5490.

It helps if you can identify the following information:

  • Class name
  • Competencies that you are trying to teach with OER materials
  • What type of material are you most interested in finding?  Full replacement textbook, individual chapters for specific competencies, learning objects, video content, etc.
  • Are you OK with a combination of OER, free resources from the web, and library-supplied resources?  Or do you want only OER materials? 

The Library staff will pull together materials that you can review for use in your classes.

After finding OER materials, Kim LaPlante  (920-498-5487) can help you determine the feasibility of remixing them together to create a custom textbook using the Pressbooks software.  This can give students a book they can download for free plus the option to purchase that book in the Bookstore at a low cost. Example textbook.

      Ask us! Visit Us During Library Hours or Contact Us In many ways!